M.Sc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design.

IUSD Double Degree

The two years are taught such that one year is at University of Stuttgart and the other one at Ain Shams.


The MSc IUSD Double Degree program covers a period of four semesters and is hosted and organized by the two partner universities - University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University, Cairo. Both Universities jointly supervise the master thesis in the fourth semester.

Applicants who applied and got acceptance at both universities are eligible to participate in the Double Degree program.


The participants will receive two degrees Master of Science »Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design«, issued by the University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University.




In Stuttgart: mid-October, introductory program starting October 1st
In Cairo: mid-September, introductory program starting September 1st

EPOS scholarship holders have to start in begin of August with their mandatory German language course (EPOS requirement) in a place selected by DAAD. This place can be another city than Stuttgart, but DAAD tries to provide the course as close to Stuttgart as possible, most likely Munich (Bavaria)


To apply for the EPOS supported IUSD Double Degree program students need to apply at both universities in parallel:
For applying at University of Stuttgart
For applying at Ain Shams University

Please note: In case of  applying  to EPOS scholarship, you need to apply at both universities as well as submit your EPOS application and  documents in parallel.


IUSD Office
University of Stuttgart

Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design


IUSD Office
Ain Shams University Cairo

1 El-Sarayat Street, 11517 Abbasiya, Cairo, Ain Shams University
Faculty of Engineering

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