IUSD Library

IUSD provides access to literature and research in the IUSD Premises in Cairo and Stuttgart.

IUSD STAFF LIBRARY at University of Stuttgart

The staff library of the IUSD-Office offers students, teaching staff and researchers access to support their courses and projects with a large range of books and magazines all around architecture, urbanism, ecology, etc.:

Urban Theory,  Development , Philosophy, History, Politics Europe, Russia Maghreb, Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa North America Turkey, Caucasus, Central Asia Latin America, Caribbean, and Master Thesis (cannot be lent)


The staff library is located in the IUSD-Office in the 8th floor of K1 (Keplerstrasse 11, 70104 Stuttgart). The books and magazines are available for all students of the architecture faculty and can be lent for one week.

Book Request

If you have any book-request, question or you need support to find a book, please contact our library student assistant.

Opening Times

Every Monday from 14.00 to 19.00 p.m every Thursday from 14.00 to 19.00 p.m.

IUSD LIBRARY at Ain Shams University in Cairo

The IUSD library is located at the Ain Shams University Campus for Engineering in the basement level.


IUSD Office
University of Stuttgart

Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design


IUSD Office
Ain Shams University Cairo

1 El-Sarayat Street, 11517 Abbasiya, Cairo, Ain Shams University
Faculty of Engineering

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