Since alumni relations are viewed as an important asset that contribute to the sustainability and continuity of the program, the IUSD management has developed a concept on how to strengthen the network with its graduates and ensure that the future graduates can be incorporated into the alumni activities of both universities (Ain Shams University and Stuttgart University).

Being part of international networks

IUSD is a member of the AGEP (German Association of Postgraduate Programmes with special Relevance to Developing Countries) . The diverse programs organized here arrange modules that can be opened to students of other programs. This creates a great exchange of interdisciplinary expertise. The AGEP sees itself as a hub and network node and as a platform on which news results and calls for events and conferences are shared and its alumni workshops and activities pose a possibility for the IUSD Alumni to be actively involved in.

In addition, IUSD has been part of the GAMP (German Arab Masters Programs) and within this, Alumni representatives have been invited to attend the first meeting of GAMP alumni representatives in Cairo-Egypt to exchange ideas between graduates of the GAMP from Germany and the Arab world with the aim of establishing a sustainable network between them. 

How to stay in touch?

In order to keep in touch with fellow students and establish new professional contacts, an IUSD Alumni group as well as a GAMP group was set up at the online platform “Alumni Portal Deutschland”.  This, along with Facebook, facilitates the tracking of whereabouts of fellow students and networking with potentially interesting contacts.


IUSD Alumni’s active participation

Alumni are also encouraged to take part in a number of the activities and events set forward by the IUSD program. Examples of such activities and events, which encourage the input, and expertise of the IUSD Alumni are the “Monday Lectures”, the “IUSD Salon”, and the “IUSD Lab”.

Collective activities

The Alumni network is currently building up its activities and initiatives. All Alumni are welcome to participate with ideas and kick-off events.

We are looking forward to more fruitful and events, interactions with the program and other partners in the future.


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