M.Sc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design

Application IUSD Stuttgart

How to apply for MSc IUSD Stuttgart program at the University Stuttgart.
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+++ please follow the application periods and deadlines +++

application portal is open: June 1st - October 15th
for admission to winter term in the following year!


Step 1:

Prepare all necessary documents. Scan the documents and save them as PDFs (max. 2 MB file size). Please note: In case of acceptance to the program you will be asked to submit hard copies.

Copies of Qualifications

1. Higher education entrance qualification (English or German)

Please note: "Higher education entrance qualification" means your school-leaving certificate.

2. Bachelor / Master degree (English) 
3. Transcript of records (English) 
4. English proficiency (English) 

Please note: With the exception of proof of English proficiency the copies of these documents need to  be officially authenticated / certified and translated into English. Documents do not have to be certified necessarily by the embassy.

Motivation, professional and academic experiences

5. Portfolio (English, no longer than 6 pages A4, no bigger than 5 MB)

Please note: your portfolio must show besides a list of projects or a sample of work a description of your previous professional development. You should present student or professional projects relevant for the IUSD course content as a written description and (if available) graphic illustration of selected projects in terms of their content to ensure equal treatment of all applicants, portfolios of more than 6 pages will not be considered.

6. Letter of motivation (English, no longer than 350 words)

Please note: Recommended content for your motivation letter are: Why are you interested in this  specific program? What special qualifications and skills did you gain through your previous  academic career that are relevant to this program and that you can build on? What specific  professional experience do you have that will contribute to the aims of this program? How do you  hope to develop your career after receiving the Masters degree?

Step 2:

Please apply and upload a complete set of these files at the online application portal C@MPUS. (before the deadline above)

Please note: Proceed according to the application portal manual

Step 3:

Wait for the results of the pre-selection process.
Please note: You will be informed about the results via e-mail

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